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Arg Arg Arg


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Oct 6, 2006
Orlando, FL / Austin, TX
Misty ~ Cockatiel,
Sidney ~ Jenday Conure,
Paulie ~ Blue Crowned Conure
ok so I'm about ready to shoot Misty!!!!!!!!!! she layed yet another egg this morning you know how their poo gets all nasty when they're laying well there was that horrible nasty stinky poo all over the cage and since it's in my room I like to keep the stink down so I graba bag to do a rush job on it and she comes out of the cage it looks like she's crawling to her play gym but she stops half way and SPLAT everywhere seriously if I knew anywhere I could give her where she would be in an aviary setting I would!
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ok so she has like WAY more diareah that usual should I be concered?
What kind of diet do you feed her? If you've been giving her more fruit lately, it may just be a little more runny because of that. I've read that what's real important is that the actual poop part (I forget the correct term, but it's the brown stuff) is more solid. If it is loose and not held together then she may be sick.
Leo has the same problem when she lays, but its not really that bad. Do you give her egg food, It is just to keep the hens healthy and well while they are laying, as she seems to lay a lot it might be an idea. I would keep a close eye on her, if nothing changes I would give your vet a call. It will make you feel better.
if I knew anywhere I could give her where she would be in an aviary setting I would!

Oh I'm building an Aviary in my garden, should be up and running soon. She can come live with me, maybe she could teach Leo to lay on her eggs. :D
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yeah i already thought about that we are taking her and Sidney to the vet so I will report on everything when we get back
I am very sorry that Misty is not feeling well AND laying eggs ... remember, make sure she is getting plenty of calcium to help keep her healthy!

~ Tex :50:
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OK so since the vet is a little over an hour away we took Sidney for a well bird check up he is fine but one of his counts was a little low so they said he might be on the verge of getting a little respitory gunk so to bring him in if he starts sneizing. I think it probably had something to do with the people I got him from smoked.
Misty weighed 91 grams on the low end of the scale for a cockatiel when he examined her he found that she had an egg in her so he went ahead and got it out and it was really soft he said it might have hardened but you never know cuz she is really low on calcium and she was really low on the good bacteria he said laying so many eggs it just didn't stay in her. Anyways we have a powder for her water a new cuttle bone with a mineral block around it and some stuff in a syringe to give her. And we got some fake eggs good thing easter isn't too far away they weren't hard to find. I am still entertaining the idea of finding a place she could go and just be a bird if she just keeps on laying. If anyone hears about a good place around this area feel free to let me know.
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just to get things straight I am not going to shoot Mistie you how we Texans get a little carried away with our gun threats:) I was just highly irritated having to celan bird poo before breakfast this morning it took about 3 hours for me to get my appetite back!
Those eggs may just work, let us know how she is getting on. I do hope they work for her.

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