Australia Day


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Sep 7, 2006
To all of our Aussie members

I would like to wish you all a really happy Australia Day, Don't drink too much and have a real fun happy day.
I saw that on my calendar Happy Australia DAY!!!! now can someone tell me what it is y'all are celebrating?
Speaking of our Austrilian Members ... where the heck has RedBalloon been? I think maybe his 'too may have taken controll of the computer and won't let him on anymore ... I kinda miss his whit ... :confused: :confused:
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Yeah, he hasn't been around for a while now has he.
yeh here here..musta met his match u just dont "win" with a bird u negotiate
I have been having work problems.
No drivers, too much work.
At home I am the bad guy coz I stuffed skippah in a box and took him to the vets for a wing clipping.
Now its been 3 days of grumpy mr no fun Skippah.
I had 40 people here for Australia day and he put up with the people, but wasnt his usual self. He is really just sitting around looking bored, or walking away from me if I get close to him.
He has started sharpening his beak on the concrete mantle place and has chewed a groove in it so now Debbie is on his case and making him waddle back onto his perch.He still flock calls till Im in the room, but he doesnt want me to scratch his head or get too close.
Bigtime loss of trust has me saddened.
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I'm sure you'll get that trust back soon. He is flock calling till you come in the room, = once your there he's happy.

He's letting ya know that YOU took him to the vet and YOU let this man do this to him, and YOU are gonna suffer for it. Don't give up he'll come round soon.

When I take Bucc to the vets, I get Hubby to take him inside, I sit in the car and wait, then when he comes out I give him lots of scritches and love, that way its Hubby who is the bad guy and not me. :D

Maybe as Skippah loves his sunflower seeds, let him see that YOU have some, and the only way hes gonna get them is if he comes to YOU = YOU are once again the great guy that he loves.

It is really great to have ya back, and if we can help ya in any way just shout. We are here for ya.

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