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May 22, 2023
I have a goffin cockatoo
Has anyone tried avian calm? Does it help with being in heat??? My goffin has been in heat for like two months. I've lengthened her sleeping time, cut back seed...I don't hold her because she's nasty and bites at any given time. I can't keep her on my forearm and I don't trust her on my shoulder. I tried wearing a hoodie to prevent a face bite, she didn't like it and took it off my head! 🤣


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Nov 22, 2015
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AFAIK the only medication type remedial treatments for excessive hormones is either an injection periodically or an implant of some sort. Not a fan of either, but thats upto the owner. Mating season again this year has been a real bear in the Northern Hemisphere, being both intense and long. Just follow the usual mitigation steps to try and reduce the intensity.

12 hrs sleep
no touching except head
no dark hidey holes and spots
no access to shreddy net materials
little or no sugar or sugar bearing foods and treats
Lots of love an patience - "This Too Shall Pass" (the :"Too" in this case in not your 'too :))


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Feb 6, 2010
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Being an Ekkie owner I have to be well versed in hormonal control. What my good friend whenever has indicated is correct. They aren’t silver bullets but they’re all you have. Hormones are just part of the parronting experience.

Additionally, I’d take the diet one step further and point to fat I addition to sugar. And protein. A excess of any one of those macros can trigger hormones. Truth is the best hormone balancing diet is one of high food volume and low calories. Think, for example, about a full cup of broccoli annd carrots and how filling that is. But it’s also VERY low calories - low in fat/carb/protein. Filling, low calorie diet is the way to go in curbing any hormones exacerbated by diet.

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