Beak trim done!

Bird Mann

Sep 27, 2023
Maple Ridge BC
I care for and manage a bonded pair of Parrotlets.
We have had delays due to severe weather, now husband is in hospital having kidney stones
blasted away not planned...I had an appointment for Wednesday morning but had to cancel...
the truck is at the hospital and I have no transport. I watched how to towel a bird and control
the head., for such a TINY bird this was daunting....even a tea towel would be too much.... I looked
around and found my stash of scarves, the cotton ones with spots everyone has had in the past.
It took a minute or two to catch her, it took me less than three seconds to wrap her gently in the
thin cotton scarf and get control holding her on her back and my fingers on each side of her was much easier than I thought. I want to say here I have over 25 years grooming dogs
I can do 80 toe nails in under five minutes., I know how quicks work, and I have the proper trimmers
in several styles. I prepared the bathroom closing the lid of the loo, butterfly net handy in case....
some flour in place of quick stop powder because I was not sure if the Qstop would be toxic...
and the selected trimmers., having done a lot of reading on it I knew exactly what needed to come off.
she has a healthy beak otherwise or I would not have attempted this btw. I had it done in two clips.
I used stainless scissor type cat nail scissors they were exactly the right tool. Done in less than 10 seconds and
other than her mate calling for her the whole 10 seconds everything was calm and controlled. Her beak is
normal length now. I did not want to wait any longer. Again, it was easy for me because of my
many years grooming experience, it could be j very easy to make a mistake. I have know how just needed
courage. That is a load off! right away she went to grooming and eating so she is fine. All is good!''

Laurie and 2 happy parrotlets!

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