Bereavement Posting Etiquette


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Nov 6, 2013
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It’s a shame that we need to post this, but sadly it needs to be said.

When posting on someone’s Bereavement thread, please be kind.

They have come here to post because they are in pain, and some want to share their experiences to keep it from happening to someone else’s beloved bird. They do not need to be lectured to about what ever happened to their bird. This is not a forum for debate, it is a place where people can share something very painful and they should not have to worry about being beaten up for it.

We will remove anything that isn’t compassionate, and in some cases will issue an infraction. For the worst posts, this may result in a temporary suspension of posting privileges.

99% of the posts are caring and kind, and so many people are comforted by our members’ compassion. This post is aimed at the 1% who think it’s okay to cause more pain to someone who is grieving.
We are lucky to have a community of people who love birds, and care about other members.
We understand their bonds with their birds, and the pain of losing them. Please also bear in mind that many of these members have other birds in their care, or they may choose to bring another bird into their homes. We would like to keep them within our community should they need help or support sometime in the future. Even if they only post to share their grief and never return, they are deserving of common decency and kindness.

Thank you,
The Mod Team

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