Bertie and I are still around!


Jul 4, 2019
Now in the beautiful Midwest!
Bertie, the feisty, 17-yr-old, road-trippin’, green cheek conure
Well, it’s been an interesting time - but through all the craziness, Bertie and I have road-tripped and moved to Chicago to help out my mom. It’s interesting what you will take with you when you have to fit your entire life into a Honda…lol.
Bertie loved the road trip! I was concerned she might stress out, but she only did that when the cage was covered. Otherwise, she just got a kick out of watching the world go by. And the occasional fresh fruits and treats from our roadside stops. She hasn’t grown back her feathers but her personality makes up for all that plumage.

For those wondering, my cockatiel ThirdBird, needed to be rehomed due to my previous living situation. (I was in a 10x15 room and the stress on Bertie was too much when ThirdBird returned.). He went to a wonderful home with a two cockatiels and a parakeet, and from the pics, it looks like they adore each other! The new ‘tiel parents had no problems with ThirdBird’s special needs of a damaged foot and air sac - he needed a special family and got one!
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Aug 21, 2010
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RIP Gandalf and Big Bird, you are missed.
Welcome back, wonderful update! You never know how much "stuff" accumulates until life mandates careful prioritization! Glad to know ThirdBird has special new family.

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