Best veggies to feed whole?


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Oct 19, 2014
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So my birds eat chop mainly, which in my case I mean food processed veggies when I say chop. I process it into fine bits because that's how most of my birds prefer it and it's the only way that my dove can eat it. But my jenday isn't too interested in it honestly.

This past weekend she saw the vet, who told me she's fat, and she needs to go on a diet lol. I consulted with my main vet on how to manage her dry food bowl (I'm cutting back on the number of nutriberries to encourage her to eat more pellets) but I'd like to try to encourage more fresh food intake too, to offset the nutriberries she won't be getting.

What are some whole veggies your birds get excited about? I'm going to try broccoli for sure since I feel like the florets might be a hit. Sugar snap peas or other pea pods seemed like it might be good but she's ignored those so far. Any others I should pick up from the produce section?


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Mar 20, 2017
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Bumble loves broccoli and snap peas so keep those in the rotation (maybe try eating a snap pea in front of her so she sees how yummy it is). I like to get the mini peppers and stuff them in between the cage bars (I read somewhere that the stems are toxic-not sure that's true but I cut them off just in case). Also baby carrots in the cage bars. Green beans are good. Sometimes I give her turnips and radishes but she's not that interested in them usually. And probably anything you put in their chop, since she's accustomed to it. She might need to see you eat it first if she's not sure what veggies look like outside of chop. Bumble is an excellent eater and will taste anything but sometimes I have to show her first.
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May 9, 2022
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Broccoli, carrots, mini sweet peppers, chopped red bell pepper, baby spinach leaves, carrot top greens

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