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Oct 23, 2015
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House hold sleeping problems are more common than one would believe!

Readjust or setting sleep patterns are a common realities and something that I fight with and have for decades. The biggest thing is lighting follow by sound /activity levels in the house and for the individual that is 'suffer' the sleep disorder.

Reduce the lighting with the setting Sun! Whether one uses dimmers or reduced wattage bulbs its a personal thing. We have both and use both. Long story short, Zero main lights with just a couple of 'night' lights to help reduce removing toes couple of hours after Sunset.

Continue to back down the volume of the TV. By reducing volume, everyone will be happier.

Medications! Depending on what you are taking, there is specific times in which you should take the medication for its effectiveness. At the same time, a slight adjustment will help greatly in helping the body rest! Point being, some medications will in fact act to wake you up, while other medications work to slow you down. Know what group each medication sits and and adjust to help allow one's body to slowdown and be more comfortable to sleep.

The over-active mind! Work a placing your worrying in the morning and accepting live as it is in the evening. May sound stupid until you try it!

Know your sleep position! It is different with most everyone.

Be comfortable! Some people like to be cool, others warm and of course there are those in the center area. Find you comfort zone.

Naps are best in the mid-late morning as mid-late afternoon will steal your ability to sleep.

Remember that we are by design, nighttime sleeps, work you schedule so that becomes your sleep zone.

Find you zone and you will be surprised that sleep will come to you.

I find that I can for any number of reason, fall-out of my zone and that I need to work it back to it.

When you or a member of your family find their sleep zone, it vastly effects everyone else!

Unfortunately it’s not me with the problem.
The short version is my wife has an iPad glued to her hand.
Looking at that screen is not the best way to get to sleep :p

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