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Jan 15, 2007
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Has anybody here ever bought anything from I've seen the sight a few times before, but have never bought anything from there. The toys look pretty interesting and original, but I just can't get over paying that much for them. Especially since I have no idea if Sisqo would like something like that.

Guess I just think that since I know what he loves, I'll stick with that.

However, their sterling ring or whatever, the stainless steel ring, is pretty awesome. BUT...$87?!?! thanks. I found almost the exact same thing (minus the pre-drilled holes, add 5 inches) for $30 on another site.

He probably doesn't care how much toys cost anyway...just as long as they occupy him, and I think my homemade toys do that perfectly.
just as long as they occupy him, and I think my homemade toys do that perfectly.

If he's happy with them and they keep him occupied then stick with that. I mean why pay a lot more for them than you have to.

I love buying toys for my lot, but I got so fed up paying such a lot of money when they don't seem to last as long as the cheaper ones I come across and they don't give them anymore pleasure.
Nicole - sounds like you need to go to a bird fair! take a look at all I got for 5 bucks next time I willhave to buy extra and share it with you guys
Yeah that stuff was amazing, I wanna go to a bird fair, let me know when your next going I'll come along. :D

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