Black lory has a tendency for "freak outs"


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Sep 1, 2021
Black Lori, Rainbow Lori, Cherry headed Conure, Cockiteal

So I am having a predicament. I have had about 12 years of experience working with Lori's and lorikeets. I recently have gotten a Black lori (6 months old) and he has had multiple "freak outs". The first notable time was when we picked him up from the breeder. When they went to get him from his enclosure he completely freaked out and it took 3 employees to get him out of the enclosure. It took him about a week to trust people again when we got him back to our house. Fast a few months and he was doing great, I have started clicker/target training him. He has stepped up multiple times and I only use positive reinforcement when training. He loves to get on his back and wrestle and play with hands/toys. However, he has had several instances of similar "freakouts" that took a few days for him to recover from. I have not been able to figure out what triggers them besides being put back into his cage. Now he will not step up and is scared of me. He will only come close to me or my hands when I have the target or treats, then promptly run away. He will play/wrestle with everyone except for me. Outside of continuing positive reinforcement. Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent these "freakouts" and help him recover from them besides continued positive reinforcement, I am worried I am irreparably damaging my relationship with him.

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