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Nov 1, 2021
gold and blue macaw
Hello, we just recently rescued a b&g macaw. the lady we got her from stated she had him about 3 years. She was home all the time and always kept him on a play stand apparently - he would go in a cage when he was outside .

Since we have him now we have put up the cage and his stand. When we set up the cage and let him go in, his whole demeanor changed. Got very aggressive ,would not come out and climbs straight to the top. Will try biting you if you attempt to get him to step up or anything. I know this is a new environment, new people, etc. and know that they need attention and interaction. We have been told to never let him get above our level because he then becomes in control. So that is what is happening in that cage.

Should we put him in the cage and keep talking, interacting etc, until he feels comfortable to come out. If he is on his play stand - he will step up at times and then others times he tries biting you and attacking his bell. He cannot fly as he a bummed wing. He is eating and takes food from us at times others he won't. I have purchased a clicker and when he does good I use that.

Any advice would greatly helpful


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Aug 30, 2021
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For the aggressive behavior, just ignore the biting and if you need, give him a time-out after you get a bite. Do some basic trick training, and give him plenty of toys to shred. It does take a while to stop aggression in birds, so if you need help, you can consult with a professional parrot trainer or another expert. Be patient and mature, and you will get there :)
Try to lure him out of the cage with a favorite treat or target stick, and do some step-up training, which can happen if the cage if it has to. You do seem to be doing pretty good with him so far :)

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