Bringing New GC Home! Tips please!


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Mar 30, 2019
So Im bringing home an adorable baby next week and I have been having some doubts about where I should place his cage when he arrives. I have another green cheek at home already, and two small dogs that do park quite often. I dont want the barking to freak him out. But I feel like hearing the noise of another conure might help him feel a little less stressed since he is coming from a breeder that has other birds around. I was thinking of putting his cage in a quieter room against the corning of a wall for the first couple of weeks, since putting him where my other conure is puts him right in the middle of the chaos.
Also, I am definitely not introducing the birbs to each other right away, I was wondering how long should I wait to introduce them? Some people say at least 30 days quarantine, or is that too much?
Any tips to bringing a new baby home would be great!


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May 14, 2016
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Welcome! I only have time for a quick "Welcome!" right now, but I am glad you're here. While you're waiting to meet our members, the Search engine above is a good one for reading on quarantine issues an introducing new birds in general. Good for you, for finding us, and reaching out.



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Aug 2, 2018
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30 days off in a room by himself is too long for this critical time in a you g birds Ife.

Get a gate or fassion a fence to keep dogs away from the cage, block off the back of the cage and one side of the cage with a light color sheet or pillow case that lets light through. And put in in your main area in sifhine of the other parrot.

He will adjust fast .

Newlybwesnwd birds go though a quick development of learning, social learning, environment learning smart learning, in just a few short weeks!!!!

So don't leave them in a seperate room, no matter how much time you will spend with him, be needs to be part of everything.
You need to be guiding and development and lots if contact at this point. Lots of new foods, teaching how to actually play with toys, teaching how to forage.

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