Budgie biting


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Jan 24, 2023
Windham, Maine
Budgies. Lotsa Budgies.
Rocky is my budgie I raised from an egg (hatched 11.8.22) using an incubator. His Mom is a show quality English Budgie and his Dad is a normal cobalt. Mom had a medical emergency and I had to take over incubation. I hand fed Rocky with high quality formula round the clock, handled him a lot, gave him lots of affection, socialized him with other people, took him to an avian vet once (very healthy). The experience has been amazing and I love Rocky very much. Now that he's weaned and fledged he has his own cage but let him out for several hours every day to play and fly. He loves to play! I have seven other Budgies and Rocky is interested in them but more interested in hanging out with me and my husband. Unfortunately at only 2.5 months old he has begun to be very nippy. I dont understand why since we raised him since day one and he's very self confident and completely fearless. We are very gentle with him. I've never had a nippy Budgie even with young pet store birds. I can't understand why Rocky is acting like this when we raised him from an egg. Please help!

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