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My Smokey is a Timneh, same for them? Are they considered flock birds also?

I just did a search on an African Grey site and it did not mention anything about them being flock birds. But, it did on the CAG section.
Wonderful information everyone!! Thank you so much! I have a CAG in waiting (being weaned) and still a few months away before coming home! I plan on having him/her (should know in a few weeks) in a room with 2 IRN’s and a GCC. From the sounds of it, I should probably set up a place downstairs too. My husband works out of the home and has a full-time and part-time assistant here during the day. Would it be too disruptive for my CAG to move from downstairs and upstairs? Or should I instead plan on having the downstairs as his permanent setting with his cage and all?
Hi Janet,

I have two cages in my primary home. He has a large macaw size cage downstairs & a smaller play top cage upstairs. He does well with both.
He even sleeps in the upstairs cage occasionally.
He’s fine with it. I also tell him prior to moving him around, just out of respect.
No, let me rephrase, I ask him. If he doesn’t want to go upstairs I don’t bring him. Eventually, he wants the come b/c he doesn’t want to alone. ;)
Also a good tip is place a chair but his cage, turn a little music on and read him a book. Whether that be a kids book or the novel you are reading. If possible take his cage in the room where you are you going to be.
The key thing is PATIENCE. He will soon show signs of trust and begin training YOU. 😂 The most important thing is give him time to adjust. In no time you will be best buds. You have a greyt attitude. Much ❤️

Oh My - I am so sorry. HaHaHa. Oops.
Ok - I was dancing in my seat because I had to go to the bathroom and I was waiting to escort someone who was on their way to our building. I'm so sorry. But thank you for posting your remarks.

About all I've done with my new guy is - whistle back to him when I'm in the kitchen. Talk to him through the cage. (He backs away from me all fluffed up when I ask him to "step up" so I'm not pushing it.) He will let me touch his feet and once his beak. I've had him less than a week so I'm not worried. Just so excited to have him. I do open the door and give him opportunity to explore the outside of his cage if he wants.

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