Can we start a chat so us bird owners can get information faster?


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Hi there!!

While chat option would be cute to well, chat with some members, there is always the private messages for that if you don't want to clog the threads with off topic posts. Also I don't think chat option would help you get information faster if the person is simply not online. This is the charm of a forum :)

In case of emergencies a forum shouldn't be the first thing to turn to, but your vet/emergency vet. We are simply parrot enthusiasts and not a vet site, and if there is any case of emergency you will almost always get a reply - turn to your avian vet ASAP!
But don't let that deter you from joining this lovely parrot online family - we are always here (well, depending on the time zones and if we're online) to help and give suggestions, or simply to share the joy and experiences about our feathered ones! There are a lot of topics you can scour through, from diets and experiences with certain illnesses, behaviour or simply fun stuff.


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Skarilla is right, in an emergency, the advice you will receive almost 100% of the time is to keep the parrot calm, warm, hydrated, fed and to contact your Certified Avian Vet, as none of us on this forum are qualified to give medical advice and certainly not in any sort of medical emergency. And for this chat to be useful it would need to be manned 24/7/365. And I don't even know if the board software has provisions to do a live, board-wide chat.


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In fact, right now is a good time to read and print off some emergency medical guides and use the links to find a certified avian vet in your area. Confirm their info and then print it too. Keep this stuff near the bird but out of chewing distance (I’m looking at you, Gus) where you can find it in a hurry. It’s also a good idea to have a little kit handy with styptic powder for bleeds, clean old towel for catching, car carrier…some people keep a pillowcase in the emergency kit because if there’s a fire, you don’t have time to find the carrier and catch a scared bird, you can bag ‘‘em temporarily, one bird to a bag, and get out!

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