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Oct 8, 2006
South Africa
Dory - Cockatiel
I am wondering, i am going to buy my ekkie a new cage soon and was wondering how i can get him accustomed to the cage without any stress? I am always worried when one changes the scenery or lving space it will affect the parrot, i know they are very sensitive to change.

How can i let it go off smoothly, i dont want to stress him. He grew up in the size cage he is in at the momont so im just afraid of what his reaction would be. Help me let it go smoothly please!:confused:
What I first got Bucc he had a smaller cage, When I changed it for a larger one, I set it up and gradually , then moved his old cage next to the larger one and gradually moved some of his favourite toys into the new cage. After a while he decided to check out this new home. He wouldn't sleep in it for a day or two but would hang out in it during the day.

It was his choice to hang out there, and so HE decided to live in it. I think it took about 3 days. It wasn't a brilliant situation to have yet another cage in the house but I didn't have any situations with him either. I'd rather have another cage here than him getting stressed and plucking. It may take a while, but if he would go in there and you could play with him at the same time that may help. Let us know how he gets gets on.

I wish you luck, I'm sure he'll come to love his new home.
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Great idea, he is always curious when i look around or touch something, so maybe he will follow the hand in there and get settled soon!

I'll keep you updated, will post pics of the new cage too!!!:)
From what I've read about switching cages, Peta is on the money. As Peta said try to let your parrot choose to live in the cage, instead of just putting him in. Move his toys over, and let him see you place his food/treats in the new cage as well to entice him over.

Good luck!
I've known people set up the cage and the bird has gone straight in and loves it, even before his toys have been put in there. :D
That’s what I'm hoping is going to happen with my parrot when I bring him home on Saturday. He's coming in a carrier which I'll place inside the cage. From what I hear he's pretty laid back, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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