Cinnamon GCC colouration


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Mar 18, 2015
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Hi everyone,
today hubby and I went to get some cat food from the pet store, and they happened to have a cute little 4 month old cinnamon GCC out with one of the employees walking around! She was super timid and shy, and made a big jump off his hand and I caught her. Don't worry, I washed my hands thoroughly when I got home.

I happened to notice that her wings had a lot of grey bars on the green feathers. They told me she had been checked by a vet and deemed healthy. Are they stress bars? I know with Kyo she has one bar on each wing, but they're black not grey. I was wondering if stress bars in a cinnamon would be grey instead of black? If so, this poor little guy had so many :( and he was even smaller than Kyo who is 63 grams!
Can't help but you learn something new every day around here! Off to google more about stress bars....
Our Foo is a cinnamon as well and came from a pet store. I have no idea what I did with the pictures or I would post em. but from memory she had awful feathers that were all tipped blackish/bronzey.

I did a lot of reading and came to the conclusion it was stress and diet, probably a lot of the diet side.

She was small as well. (she is still way smaller than most of the other ones I see-not freakishly so, but very obviously)

they had her on a seed base diet and we had hell getting her off it. (look at my post on food tantrums)

It took about a year for us to get nice feathers that had no funky tips at all. She also only is caged when it's night or the whole family leaves the house, which isn't all that often. She doesn't require a ton of hands on, but she wants to at least be in the same room as her people. (it's not all that odd to see an eye under the bathroom door looking at you cause you were gone too long and she had to come find you and make sure you're ok)
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Thanks for your input mimsy! I think that maybe the poor little adorable thing was just covered in them :( The bird section "manager" was trying to convince me it's just the way that a cinnamon is coloured, but I didn't buy it. It was hard not to just walk out with the little guy to get him to a better home, but I didn't feel like getting arrested heh... hopefully someone who cares a lot will take the birdie home and take good care of him.

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