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Apr 12, 2022
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We have a 3 year old umbrella cockatoo that will not eat anything other than formula. She has previously been to an avian vet who has given her antibiotics and she would be okay. She still will not eat anything else. She will starve herself. We have tried blending pellets, baby food, oatmeal, fruit etc. into the formula, left in in a bowl, have tried eating with her, we have put her near other parrots trying flock mentality but nothing has helped. We know of other birds from the same breeder that were doing the same. One did not make it, lost track of the other one. We found out after we rescued her since the store was going to just let her be. Please don't ask where, I am not here to bash the store, just help our girl.

Please help.


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Nov 22, 2015
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How does she take the formula? Maybe reducing the water slowly over time until its more of a crumbley solid then a liquid and then sneaking in crumbled up or powdered pellets? Then reducing the amount of formula?


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Aug 2, 2018
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Can you share pictures of her? Plus her poop
You mentioned antibiotics, whst was the health issue causing her to need those?

How do you give the formula? By syringe? By spoon? In the feed bowl?

If not in a bowl, I would transition to that. Then I would start making it like a stew , by dumping in some pellets and diced veggies.

Or blend up and add veggies to the formula , slowly make them bigger chunks.

Get a sturdy casserole dish, and line the bottom with a mix if steamed veggies with pasta, or quinoa see if she will walk in it, ignight her curiosity.

You can use veggies as chew toys. Zip tie carrots to perches. Or huge hunks if broccoli. Let her need to rip up abd destroy stuff start getter beak on veggies...with the hope eventually recognized as food.

Consulting a behavioral , I think Pamela Clark firs phone Consulting, perhaps Bird Trivks does, or you can search fir help near you.
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