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May 15, 2024
Indian ringneck
I bought a indian ringneck from a dealer i thing they have cut the bottom feathers of the wing apart from that i think it was fine but in the last week the feathers have taken a rather ragged appearance and it has become more violent noisy and it climbs the cage up and down though the bottom wing feather are cut it seems to fly but it has a terrible sense of direction the 2 time i let it flyit went straight to a wall its diet i mostly feed it veggies and sometime fruits and nuts and seeds. Thanks for reading the overly long paragraph any advice would be helpful.


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May 9, 2024
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so it seems it's wings were clipped and that's why it may fly wonky because it doesn't have very much control, and don't worry its wings will grow back. try to catch it each time it has a flying fit and put it back in its cage (by catch i do not mean lunge or grab at the bird, but when it's decending from a short flight hold your hands out so it doesn't fall or crash into something). it may be violent because it might have a fearful/timid personality, some birds are like this but you should establish boundries when it comes to biting (I'm actually working on this with my bird at the moment lol). However if this is a new bird that you've had for a short amount of time it's probably just scared of you and trying to ajust to it's new enviorment. This is also a source of violence in birds you've just bought, fear bites. in that case try not to let it out of it's cage and sit by the cage so that it can get used to you. Try to be as calm as possible around the bird and give it treats from your fingers so that it won't be as afraid of you. Noise unfortunatly comes with the parrot package and that's something they do, so i don't really have a lot of advice for that, sorry. Also the diet is perfect for it :)
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