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Jul 14, 2017
A crossover Quaker Scuti (F), A Sun conure named AC, A Cinnamon Green Cheek conure Kent, and 6 budgies, Scuti Jr. (f), yellow (m), clark Jr. (m), Dot (f), Zebra(f), Machine (m).
So I bought this scale:

(on amazon it's only 9.99 now or 2/3rds off it regular price,) so I could keep track of my new conure's weight.

Now this scale is not calibrated. but it's enough to track weight.

When I bought the new bird they said it was 62g.

I weighed today and he was 57.6g but I'm pretty sure thats just from using different scales and mine not being calibrated because he's a healthy eater.

Clark weighed in at 68g.

I'm including a picture so you can get a "sense of scale" if you were also looking for a scale.

They will be of course re-weighed monday at the vet so I can see how much my new scale is off maybe calibrate it.

according to a web search I should be looking at

Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 60 - 80 grams
Average Chick Weight: 5 grams

I'm interested if anyone else weighs their parrots.


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It's funny you say that, because when I picked-up Lita, my Quaker, from her breeder, she weighed Lita and wrote it down for her own records, and she weighed 77g...4 days later I took her to my CAV for her wellness-exam and I told them that she weighed 77g at the breeder's when I picked her up...They weighed her and she weighed 68g. The tech looked at me like "What, haven't you fed her since you brought her home?"

Your new scale looks like the one I have, most people buy the same kind or similar, like a digital kitchen scale or a digital scale meant for diabetics and others to measure their food, etc. They are pretty accurate as far as I know, at least when I compare the weights of my guys at home to their weights at the CAV's office. They are usually within +/- 6 grams or so.

Bowie is 2 and a half and usually weighs right around 70g. Sometimes he's a couple over, sometimes a couple under, but that's where he hovers. He was in the low 60's when I first brought him home as a baby, and the most he's ever weighed is 76g.
Paris is 68g also.
Ta-dah was 68 when sick, now she is between 70 and 74.. usually 73

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