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Jan 19, 2006
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Yesterday, I went to the shelter where I adopted my black pup 'Pal' and well............

Meet 'Champ', :D :D


Alison, he is just to beautiful, and boy he's gonna be a big boy looking at them paws. How does he get on with Pal? What does Meghan think of him, bet she just loves him to bits. Makes me want to run out and get a lil ole pup now.

Thanks so much for sharing the pics and please keep us updated on how they are all getting on. :smile015: :heart:
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Champ and Pal get along really well. Meghan loves the puppy. The kitten is mad because Champ has no interest in her at all despite her best efforts to get him to pay attention to her. The big cat is just fine with the pup not messing with her. Champ has no interest at all in the birds either, which is a good thing. I let Champ sleep in my bed last night and he did great, didn't chew anything or have any accidents. I think maybe I should have gotten a king size bed though instead of the queen size considering that Meghan and the cats and the dog and now the pup all want to be in MY bed with me. :D
That's a really good looking pup. What kinda mix is he? About how old is he? Is he an outdoor type of dog? Thanks for doing all the leg work. What time can I pick him up?

PS---Any thoughts on the 'Pentagon'??
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He's a Shep mix, but I don't know what he is mixed with. He is 3 months old. He comes in the house and sleeps in my bed with me. I'm afraid that you would have a tough fight with my martial arts daughter if you tried to take her new pup! ;) She's pretty good at Karate, I wouldn't want to mess with her. :D

PS---Any thoughts on the 'Pentagon'??

I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole!
I was gonna start an argument with Dave here, saying the dog was his when it was so very clearly mine, BUT then I read about Maghan, matial arts, and I'm sorry Dave but your on your own there mate,

See Alison, didn't I say when you were thinking of getting a bigger bed to get a king size, lol you shoulda got one. lol Make sure you are always the first to bed to get the best and biggest spot.

I was doing some reading today on a site and found out about the Pentagon. Yep so I had to smile when I read that. I can see now why the my name worried some people. It worried me when I was reading the site. lol So glad I changed it :D I don't know how some people can put up with that it was making me mad just reading her go on.
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He's a Shep mix, but I don't know what he is mixed with.

I think I figured out what mix he is, he is getting the body color and markings of a retriever. The ears still have me baffled, but then there is still the possibility that he has more than two breeds in him, most mutts do. He and Pal had thier first expedition in the woods without a leash on Saturday. They did great, Pal never left my daughters side, and Champ stayed pretty much with us, but had to be verbally cued a couple of times. Not bad considering that Champ is only 4 months old. Pal is 8 months old. I was proud of them both. :)
Thats pretty darn impressive if you ask me. They are still babies and to be so good staying with you is really great, They are gonna grow up to be some impressive dogs there.

We really do need to see some more pics of these wonderful duo.

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We really do need to see some more pics of these wonderful duo.

I will get some more pictures soon, I promise. :)
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Thanks SunConure. :) Maybe someday you can get a puppy.

Peta, It's been raining alot here and my puppy looks more like a mud puddle than a dog, so the pictures will have to wait until it dries up around here a bit.
Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, I'm praying for the sun to come out over your way. lol:D
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Unfortunately it is still very wet here, so no pictures yet. :( If you follow the USA news, you already know we are pretty much under water in much of my area. I am happy to report that my home is not in danger since we have a very large ditch about the size of a football field just to the side of my property and it would take an awful lot more rain to fill that 30 foot deep hole and make it to me. However, all the roadways out of my neighborhood are in danger of flooding, so I may not have a roadway out if the rain keeps up the way it has been. Fear not for me though, I always have a backup plan for my family....which of course includes ALL of my animal friends.
I so glad you have a back up plan for all your family. I am sorry that you are still getting the wet weather. For the past 2 days we have had a little rain, but over hear we are supposed to be in drought conditions. If we don't have a bit more rain, there will be no washing cars, no filling ponds if the water evaporates, swimming pools will have to remain empty and we will have to have water delivered for drinking, washing etc. :eek:

The biggest problem in this area is that they are building more houses, even tho' they are saying we don't have enough water to go round. Crazy really.

I hope that you get some sunshine and dry weather real soon.
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Here are the pictures I have been promising.


OMG, look how big he is getting :eek: They look as though they are getting on really great, Thanks for the update they are beautiful.
Have you finally had some decent weather, I do hope so.
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they are beautiful.

Thank you. :D

As far as the weather, no it has rained every day. The ground is saturated, but I wanted to get those pictures posted like I promised. So I took those pictures the minute I brought the dogs outside, before they had the chance to roll around and get all muddy. Once Champ rolled over on his back like that, picture time was done. :(
I'll have to see if I can send you some nice weather, its so hot here it unbelievable. By the weekend its supposed to reach about 30 degrees, :eek:

Strange really, you can do with some good weather and we are desparate for some rain,
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I can send you some nice weather

Thanks! We need it desperately! It appears as if it is not going to stop raining any time in the near future. My garden is trashed, all my strawberrys are molding from this constant rain and I think some of my plants actually drowned. :(
My chickens hate this weather too and aren't producing many eggs and my dogs are a nightmare to keep clean with all this mud every single day. :eek: Okay, self pity party is over.... I'm all better now. :D ;)

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