Dark red syndrome

Oh my, what an absolutely dreadful thing to happen, and I am in full agreement with my friend mboundy in his assessment of the cold-blooded behaviour of that breeder! DarlaTX, I am truly sorry for your loss but if he had to pass, at least he did so wrapped in the warmth of your love.

Godspeed to the Rainbow Bridge, sweet little one, until we all meet again.
UPDATE: with a very heavy heart I would like update everyone that My Red factor Sunny passed away. I finally got in contact with a Breeder that was willing to comment about the 25% "disposable" red factor babies. So apparently to get the higher red color they breed 2 high red factor Sunnies knowing that there is a 25% chance that a ?sickly? one will hatch and they really don't care. It's worth it to the breeder to collect $1500 plus on the other 3 "normal" high reds and leave the other to die. My Sunny lived a short life with us, but it was filled with lots of love and cuddles. He passed in a home with his family, not in some tub all alone. I learned a very hard lesson about high red Sunnies and I'll never see them the same. I hope I raised a little awareness to this, and maybe help someone avoid a broken heart 💔:red:
He will be dearly missed

So sad to read this, but ty for telling about this! We just put a deposit down on a red factor that is just making the 10 week mark. Thanks to your post we can find out before we bring the bird home if it might have this genetic mutation.

Posting a photo of the baby, his name is Pepper 🌶️


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