Did I make a mistake!


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Nov 7, 2015
I got my bird Perri on Friday of last week. The gal who sold me the bird said to get him out of the cage, willing or not. I'very been doing that. Is that a mistake? Any information is greatly appreciated!


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Sep 12, 2012
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It's better to give birds time to settle in and learn you aren't scary than trying to force a bond, IMO.

If the bird is terrified of you, then I would recommend to keep your distance so as to not frighten the bird, and if you need to clean the cage or change the food and water, then move slowly and don't look directly at the bird. If the bird over-reacts to you being near by, then give them some distance. If the bird is not too afraid of you, you can try dropping special treats inside the cage when you are near or when you walk by.

Hillary Hankey has a couple of good articles on working with new, fearful birds! :)

Working with Fearful Parrots: A Study in Videos | Learning Parrots
Parrot Behavior Myths: Building Trust | Learning Parrots

Lara Joseph and Barbara Heidenreich (Good Bird Inc) also have great posts on working with new birds if you want to look at their blogs as well! :D

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Nov 12, 2013
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that depends on what your bird is feeling.. if he's scared, you should probably start from step one. sit beside him for while till he's used to being around you. then you can go ahead and try putting your hand in the cage. dont grab him or touch him, just put your hand in. and then once he's eating out of your hand and all, you can try getting him out. :D if he's willing to come out though, then it should be okay to take him out

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