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Dec 28, 2021
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Hello from Australia! This is my 1 and a half year old green cheek dna sexed female. Her name is Chihiro. When I first got Chihiro her feathers had black tips which could have been a number of things but I'm almost sure it was her previous diet. That was about a year ago and she has since molted and is a beautiful green. She now eats fresh chop and pellets everyday, including 10 or less sunflower/safflower seeds a day as treats. She used to be on harrisons adult lifetime pellets but we have completely run out of harrisons in Australia so she is now on murphys. I don't particularly like any brand of pellets available at the moment. She made the change from harrisons to murphys about 2 weeks ago. I have only noticed a change in her feathers since this morning. This isn't black tips like before it's more a brown and along the sides of her feathers. Another thing to note, 2 weeks ago Chihiro also moved into the same cage as her dna sexed male partner Kirby (same age). They finally moved in together after bonding and being housed next to each other for just under a year. I thought I would ask you all for advice before i spend more money taking them to the bird vet! (First photo is from a year ago with the black feather tips, second photo from 2 weeks ago with only 2 black feather tips left, and third photo from today. Thanks in advance!


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