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Jun 14, 2015
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This is why I don't use polyester.

Polyester is a manufactured using terephthatic acid and ethylene glycol, both petroleum derivatives. Most polyester is made from recycled PET, after sterilizing of course. Tests have proven PET leaches chemicals over time. It is listed as a one time use only plastic as it allows for the growth of bacteria. Also, there were no restrictions on phthalates in clothing or textiles until 2015. Ethylene glycol is extremely toxic. To humans and to animals. It can be fatal if not immediately treated. Put these two together you get polyester.

If your polyester is dyed it may contain Cadmium, lead, and/or mercury and it probably contains Chlorobenzenes. Chlorobenzenes is mainly used to dye polyester and is toxic by skin contact or by inhalation.

The tests that have been carried out are always in high doses but this is from the U.S. Public Health Services "In animals, exposure to high concentrations of chlorobenzene
affects the brain, liver, and kidneys. Unconsciousness, tremors and
restlessness have been observed. The chemical can cause severe injury
to the liver and kidneys. Data indicate that chlorobenzene does not
affect reproduction or cause birth defects. Studies in animals have
shown that chlorobenzene can produce liver nodules, providing some but
not clear evidence of cancer risk." Again this is in high or continuous doses.

Polyester as a textile or certain apparel must be fire retardant or fire resistent as set out in the Government's Textile Flammability Regulations. To make polyester flame retardant it is coated with various chemicals which may include formaldehyde or Antimony. Most polyester in fabric stores are coated due to the law for making baby clothes.

This is just brief, but there is nothing about polyester that I feel comfortable with. I started researching polyester when I started getting sore throats, but only when wearing certain items. I also found that I seem to be sniffling more or more stuffed up when I went to bed. Sure enough my sheets were polyester or "wrinkle free". Not saying this is the only element that was causing the problem, but getting rid of it did help.

Wow, that's a whole lot more than I had originally even thought about.

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