Do I have to eat this??


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Jun 18, 2007
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Ok I recently stopped being a vegetarian and I was wondering.. Do I have to eat this particular food?


I want a pet pig but my boyfriend says they aren't a good house pet JUST because they end up weighing like 800 pounds... he's sooo picky.
Oh I really want a pet pig to and name him "Sir Oinks Alot" but no way would the boyfriend go for that. He thinks I have too many now. :D

Cute picture. Makes me wanna go back to being a vegetarian.
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Oh yah?!?!
*insert random gratuitous anti-male comment*
Red Balloon I am anything but domesticated!!!!! I'm a wild woman hehehehe. I have to be to put up with my birds:)
I just saw this post and asked tex if he saw the cute pig picture. he laughed in an evil sort of way and said he did, it reminded him of lunch :( He is such a carnivore and I am such a animal lover. this relationship might be doomed.
And red, it it was women who domesticated men. If women weren't around, men would be sleeping on hard surfaces, not comfy beds, hunting for their food, not getting good cooked meals (when they are lucky) and standing around scratching their....all day.
Well,... We domesticated women,... how much harder can pigs be?

Red - God may have created man first and woman second, but you always create a rough draft before the final masterpiece... :D:D:D

(Women know this...)

Now, as for that cute little oinker - needs a name. I suggest Beans. That was the rule of the farmland I spent half my life growing up on (Dutch Country PA). It helped that they were dairy farms. But that was the rule!

My brother and I are not vegetarians, but dang did we not name every single animal on the farm. The adults tried to 'clarify' it by the animal coming by name but he and I could do that too... especially when we called them with the food pail in hand!!

Domesticate a woman though?? Heck we're still trying to domesticate man!

We actually owned a pot-bellied pig for a year. We rescued him from a house where the owner would spray bleach water on him because she said he stunk. The neighbors thought we shouldnt own a pig since we lived in a residential neighborhood and the city told us we had to find the pig a new home. We had a friend that lived on a farm and gave him to our friend AS A PET not for dinner.

My family doesnt eat meat, fish or chicken, how could we? Look at that cute pig in the picture it's not bacon:(

Article talking about pot-bellied pigs
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I've heard they are really great pets, very intelligent. Sorry you had to give him up, must have been hard. I can't believe that about the previous owner. If he stunk it was her fault for not providing him with what he needed to keep himself cool and clean.
My boyfriend's pigs had a huge outdoor area with a large mud pit, running water and grass to run in. They got to run and play and breed. Yes, they were food animals but they were treated with respect and got to experience the outdoors.
Wasn't trying to be mean with the pig picture, I thought it was adorable. I still love animals, just had to make allowances for my rapidly declining health.

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