Do I need to let Conure see me at all times?


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Jan 8, 2024
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Having a bit of trouble at the moment and looking for help. My Green Cheek Conure has gotten used to having someone constantly with him as over the last few years both my wife and I work from home, and we are in an apartment. But recently my wife has need to go overseas for a few months, so I am alone with him.

I've given extra attention as I know he will be stressed by this change, but he is also now having to deal with being alone for some parts of the day, as I work in the bedroom and he's in the living room. He is now yelling all day long, and will only stop if he is out and on my shoulder. No amount of toys, scheduled play time or even leaving his cage beside my desk will work. He is determined to be on my shoulder at all times.

Seeing as he bites when he see tools such as headsets or mice, I cant have him out while at work.

Does anyone have any recommendations? My main question is, do I need to leave him where he can see me at all times. I want to discipline him a bit by covering and leaving him alone in the other room when hes acting up, but I don't want to overstress him. On the other hand, if he can see me but not be let out of the cage, that seems to make him more stressed and he will bite when he's finally let out. Kind of at the end of my rope. He gets a balanced diet, toys changed regularly and we have a budgie in the cage right next to him (cant be let out at same time each other as they fight).


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Jul 10, 2015
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I would guess that you are keep in contact with your dear wife and there is no reason why you are not include your Parrot in on those calls!

Contact calls are important and something you want to keep up, when there is separation between the two of you. Consider other interesting targets for your Parrot as the best results is your Parrot is to become more self-entertaining while with you. We are together, but each doing their own thing.

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