Does your macaw sleep in another location?


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Apr 25, 2015
GW Macaw, CAG, eclectus (Kiwi- RIP)
I was wondering if any of you provide a different area/cage for your macaw during the night? And if so, what are the merits of this?
Do macaws enjoy having a different playtime and sleep areas?


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Apr 9, 2015
Pixie - Hahn's Macaw
Pixie has a massive "everyday cage" in my study where she hangs out with me and sleeps.
She also has a "living area" cage where she hangs out with the hubs and I during non-work times, or if I'm working in the living area.

She sleeps in the study because we put her to bed at 8, and stay up much later watching TV in the living area.

She also has a bed-time routine.
"Pixie, it's sleepy time." Lights go off, phone and answering machine are switched off.
"Hellooooooo?" (=whaaat? sleepy time? nooo, I'm not sleepy. What is this sleepy time? Never have I heard of this thing.)
"Goodnight Pixie."
"Give me a kiss. Good night."
We close the door and call out, "Goodnight," so that she knows we're still around.
"Hellooo." (= I'm not sleepy. I'm totally awake.)
It sounds cruel, but five minutes later, she's asleep.
(Whereas she probably wouldn't be if she were in the living area, where the lights and TV are on.)
(Sorry for the gratuitous cute story. I can't really gush about her adorableness to other non-parronts.)
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May 9, 2014
Clearwater Florida but grew up in Wisconsin
Doolie,Yellow nape amazon(r.i.p.03/10/15)
Sissy,severe macaw(rescued on 03-16-15) chirpy,sparrow(beak less) jack,Jill,chase,fiona,finch, and tiger,sulfer crested(rescued 04/15/20
Sissy also has a huge cage she sleeps in and a play cage in another room


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Jul 20, 2012
My 'bird room' used to be our dining room. I chose that particular location because it's fairly central to the downstairs, and they are all part of every day, all day activities. Additionally I sacrificed half my kitchen to place 2 X-large Java trees right next to each other, for out of cage entertainment. My fids spend a whole lot of time on those java trees, but at night they're all in their cages, and covered. I cover them just because I don't want them to be too awfully disturbed by the TV. Additionally, I have 'beggars'. When they see us eat something - anything, they start begging for food, and when they're covered, they're missing out on all the junk food. :21:

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