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Sep 28, 2021
Orange winged amazon
(Amazona amazonia)
Hello everybody, me and my wife own a female amazon for aroun 15 year her name is ziko, ziko is aroun 18-20 years old.
Ziko is very friendly parrot, bounded with my wife she spends all day on her shoulder eating sleeping or playing.
So one day 6 mouths ago we decided to adopt another one male amazon croky,
Croky was 3 months old when we adopted him.
From the first day the young croky fall in love with ziko and alway i mean alway 24h a day want to be next to her but she doesn't want him at all, so this is a problem for her cos he doesn't let her in peace.
4 months pass and croky was not paying attention at us at all, all he wanted is ziko and to fly like crazy.
So after a Google and YouTube researcha, we decide to trim his features "we are not proud of this, and we are really sorry for this mistake"
Now croky can me only long jumps,
He is accepting food from our hand and he is even coming on our hand when we trick him with something tasty
But as long there is no food he dont want to see us he literally running away from us😭 All he want is ziko.
Hes cage is always clean and full of toys.
Please help us to make him to like us.


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Nov 22, 2015
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THis is the classic reason why you take a chance when adding a second parrot to your house. There are 3 main outcomes, one - everybody gets along and the new parrot also bonds with you; two - the new parrot and old hate each other, but he bonds with you, third - the situation you have now, the new bird loves the old one, the old one wants nothing to do with the new one and the new parrot hates you.
I am gonna book mark this thread Paymom to illustrate to folks in the future.

ANd sorry, I have never had more then 1 parrot, so I have no advice on your problem. I hesitate to give advice on a problem I have never experienced.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Adding a Parrot to a well-established home can have this affect especially when they are different sexes involved.

Developing a relationship with the new member is a pure Time-on Time thing as you will need to start from the very beginning in developing a Bond with the new Amazon and build from there.

Read the two Sticky Threads at the top of the Amazon Forum while sitting next to your new arrival and reading aloud in a comforting voice. The number of times that they need to be read is to a point that you understand Amazon Body Language as if it is a first language.

Moving at the speed of the Amazon. It takes time, and the rate is the choice of the Amazon.

Since your wife has the long relationship with your first Amazon, you need to work hard at becoming your new Amazons Person! As you become the source of transportation, food and treats.

This will take time! But you are in it for the long run, correct?


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Aug 2, 2018
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I think you will get there. You started with a very fearful baby. In your early pictures he wouldn't look at you retreated to as far away as he could get. So it just takes more patience than it does for well socialized babies. But you've had years of Amazon practice!

I'm a multi bird home and have had mixed sex and same sex pair bonds . We hsve a member with a very bonded mix species pair, and after having them 18 years decided to increase her interaction and teach step up. She is having success, and has tweaked snd experiment with how to make thst work. As her 2 always want to be side by side .

It is never to late, there is always the ability to deepen the bond. Or repair relationships. You have to apreaciate and celebrate all the little successes along the way as it can take time .

I don't know where you are from when you first brought home your fearful baby? But I imagine you've already had some success.

Hand feeding little tidbits, treats, food , multiple times a day can't be underrated. Burds understand food gifts.

Use your other parrot to model behavior. Have her step up fir treat next to him, nd really brag and praise heathen, then see if he will follow the lead.

This target training video is fantastic, because it shows failure, how first he has to show the bird he can come near with no bad things happen, shows the importance of first teach just the target ( a chop stick) , then how thst can be used to move the bird ect. How Please they take breaks as no burd will do stuff over and over. Please note the name of video is one day miracle , because it normally can take many sessions over many days to make progress .


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Apr 25, 2020
This sounds to me like the difficulties that might go along with polyamory! (Just kidding.). I have enough trouble getting along with one other person let alone multiple people and how each feels about the other. Maybe Ziko can’t stand Croky! (Maybe he always talks about football or superheroes or chicks…). Poor poor Ziko and poor lovelorn Croky.

I think Sailboat is correct in saying you should try to become the new bird’s (Croky’s) favorite person. Also, does each Amazon have their own cage? That could be a very good idea. Especially for the older female with whom Croky is enamored. That would be a good place to start. Lots of space for each bird to come slowly to terms with the new family member.

Yes, slowly winning over croky’s trust with treats and letting him observe friendly interactions between you and Ziko should help. Reading to the birds or just being in the same space with them will allow Croky to learn that he is safe.

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