Female Eclectus with hormonal implant


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Mar 16, 2024
22 year old female eclectus parrot
My 22 year old female SI Eclectus has been getting implants for the last 3 plus years, ever since her mate died unexpectedly. After getting egg bound twice, we decided to try the Deslorelin implant. She has always done well with them, but ever since her latest one on February 15th, we have been having some issues. Admittedly, I waited almost five months before getting this one (I usually do four months) but she wasn't showing any signs that indicated she was getting "breedy." One week after the implant, she dropped an egg on the floor of her cage (which of course broke). And now she is toe tapping, not going outside nearly as much and is making a repetitive clucking vocalization when I have her out with me, watching television. We have never heard this particular vocalization in the 22 years we have had her. She is eating very well and is otherwise acting normal. We are wondering if there was an issue with the implant. I was reading the threads and articles on toe tapping and thought I might make some changes to her diet using some of the chop ideas here even though she has been on the same diet her whole life without issue (Harrison's plus fresh produce). I would appreciate any thoughts or advice. I do need to take her back in to the vet to ask about the implant and have her examined. Thanks for any help, Susie


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Sep 17, 2021
Minnesota, USA
Eclectus Parrot: Nico (male)
Jenday Conure: Kiwi (female)
Hi there, I have a male Ekkie. I have minimal experience with a female. By what you are describing I’d follow up with a vet. Just make sure you look at her diet, exercise, environment and sleep. Sometimes when Nico gets vocal I’ll change around his cage. He’s a feather plucker so I do my best to distract him from that. I’m very sorry to hear about your male Ekkie’s passing.

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