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Jul 1, 2009
Hi all again,:whiteblue:
trying to navigate around this site. I don't quite understand it yet. I guess the best way is to start texting! I will be the proud owner of a goffin's in August. She is still being handfed. I have just retired from teaching, 34 years!! And now I have the time to devote to our new family member. We are a family of 3, Ed, myself, ipo-our dog and soon to be here our goffin, which will make us 4. I haven't really considered any formal name. Ed and I will have to discuss that. For now I refer to her as sweetiepie.

I have been very busy with the making of bird stands, and perches. I live in N. ca. and we have manzanita, madrone, and bay trees. Does anyone know what trees make great perches? I am also hoping to weave a net out of sisal rope for a climbing gym. Haven't figured that out yet. So, if you have any tips or ideas, please let me know. Also, I have been practicing sprouting seeds from our local organic coop. That's not only fun, but taste really good too with my salads. Well, tweet tweet. :blue2::rolleyes:

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Dec 28, 2007
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Bird; Birds: Safe, Toxic Trees, Woods. Safe Tree Wood. Parrots. Parrot cages.

There's a list of safe versus dangerous trees. Bay trees are not listed on either side and I'm not sure about them so I'd look into it before using that one. The other two are safe.

As far as what is 'good' that depends. Hardwoods are going to make long lasting perches but softer woods will make good chewable/shredable perches. Birds love to chew and shred so giving them ample things to do that to is good.


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Oct 10, 2009
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Congratulations on your new Goffins. I have two Dusty is 6 yrs. old and Vito is, well I do not know how old she is but I bought her 25 yrs. ago. They are lovable birds. They like to be out of their cages. They can be very loud. They have a personality. I buy 3/4" rope. They like to chew it and climb on it. Loop it across the cage and he will sit on it.

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