Flapping out of nowhere


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Apr 30, 2022
My pionus,Odie has a nite nite ritual that we do every night,tonite he has decided to scare the heck out of me☹️out of nowhere he decided to go on the bottom of his cage and flap his wings,which got me running, thinking he was in distress!well he was fine😊do I re-covered him ,and instead of going to his nite nite perch he stayed at the bottom,and again a hour later he started flapping,so I let him out and he marched into the bathroom were he likes to sit at times.,not 15min later he came back to his cage so we did the whole nite nite ritual again,so far so 😊 good,but what do you think was up???


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Apr 25, 2020
My Willow was biting today and the advice given was that it is SPRING and all the birds have a wild hair, or feather, as it were.

Who knows? My Pionus were very calm birds but in spring and fall when the Canadian geese flew over, there was much honking and flapping.

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