Floating/Sinking Fish: Swim Bladder Disease


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Jan 28, 2012
Most goldfish owners have encountered fish that suddenly become unable to submerge. Try as they might, they float, often belly-up, at the surface, and seem to be in great distress. Less often, the hapless victims may be unable to rise to the surface, or may swim in an “off balanced” or head-down position. Fantails, Orandas and other strains with rounded bodies are the most common victims, but Comets and others are not immune. The problem is also frequently seen in Bettas, or Fighting Fishes, but may afflict any species. Swim Bladder Disease almost always involved. This condition is actually a general term applied to a wide variety of ailments, rather than a specific disease per se. Today we’ll look at its causes, prevention and treatment. Read article here ?My Fish is Floating? - Swim Bladder Disease in Goldfish and Others
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