Found Kitten- Need Name :)


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Sep 3, 2007
1-Calico Macaw- Cosmo
While at the park we found some kittens- probably about 5-6 weeks old. One ran up a tree where another one already was waiting, but the other was smaller and weeker. That one let us pick him up. He is sooo cute- but he has a head cold. We took him to the Humane society but they wanted to charge us to take him. We don't have the money right now so we brought him home. He's in my room seperate from the other cats so they don't get sick. We are hoping we can nurse him to good health and find a good home for him since we can't keep him- we already have 5 cats, 4 dogs, and my bird. Can't handle any other animals. Although it's soooo tempting. I'm trying to find a cute name. He's a boy. I will post a pic when I can. I'm thinking Stitch- cause he needs Ohana- lol. My mom says Harley- or Milo. Any ideas?

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