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Jan 13, 2022
Hello, I'm new to the world of parrots, I've been thinking recently of potentially getting myself a little friend but I'm a little worried, I read a few things which made out like birds need you round the clock. I live alone in an apartment and I work full time (9-5) like most people and I do go out with friends every couple weeks (I try to go out once a month as I have social difficulties and it helps me out) and was wondering if this would be okay with a bird or if they're really more for part time workers or non-workers?

Also I have been looking at either a Green Cheek Conure or I did also see there's a Blue throated Conure but from what I can tell they're quite rare and was wondering if one of these would be suitable for living in an apartment? Some things say they're quiet then others say they have a sharp call? You never hear anything from other apartments so I'm guess the soundproofing is pretty good but don't want to bother my neighbours!

thank you all in advance for your advice!


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Aug 30, 2021
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If you live in an apartment I would ONLY recommend a small, quiet(er) bird, like a senegal. You'll need a very large flight cage (32 x 38 x 21 in) if you work a 9-5 job. And even tiny birds, like budgies, need about 2 hours of daily attention. If you can't provide that, I would advise against a bird, at least for now.
They also have very intricate diets and housing requirements; again, if you can make that happen, you can possibly adopt a bird.
GCCs are quieter than most conures, but still loud. They may work but I don't know if you should go for it or not (if you can have a bird). I've personally never owned a conure so someone else can tell you more about them.


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Aug 2, 2018
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People work and have parrots. A green cheek is probably a good choice. I had one while I was working. But I decided to get a friend after a few years.

Its hard for me to recommend a solo parrot they are just so social. For me I recommend 2. I have not had issues of hand raised socialized parrots excluding me, in favor of only each other. Mine have done great with friends and me. But others have had different experiences ....and I would recommend sane sex burds . Because I think the risks of opposite sex feeling like a mated pair and that leads to issues ..


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Feb 9, 2020
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I have a green cheek conure, while I don't live in an apartment, I do live in a terraced house so I have neighbours either side and our walls a paper thin... You can hear everything. I also used to work full time before I had some very upsetting stuff happen that made me re-evaluate everything including my work/life balance.

Any way.
Noise wise, we have had no complaints about albie and his screaming at the outside world (usually mid afternoon when most people are at work, he likes to sit on his window handle and yell at... Well... Everything and everyone.)

As for managing my time when I was full time, we would get up with him at 6am so we could get a solid 2 hours of out of cage and play time with us, we would make his breakfast with him of fresh veggies, change his water etc. When we got home, he would then be out of his cage all evening with us until his bed time usually about 8:30/9pm depending on how late home I'd be. Then at the weekend, he would be out all day with us.

During the day we would leave the radio on for him and we have a pet cam to watch him and make sure he's OK which he was , he spent his day eating, playing, preening, sleeping and being adorable.

Now I'm part time and hubby works from home so albie is rarely on his own.


Nov 8, 2021
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I also am a GCC birb mom, 1 Male, and 1 Female. Had Paulie and after about a year we decided to get him a companion so we got him Phoebe, who is also a Conure. I have not run into any problems with them being diff sex. Other than their personalities are Total Opposite. Paulie is a mommas boy gentleman. While Phoebe is a total girl and can def say she is moody and additutiy at times LOL. But i would say that is more of a personal personality trait for them.

Also, I live in an apt with thin walls. They do get loud and like above ^ @Stitchthestitch Albie, both Paulie, and Phoebe love to scream out at times... at EVERYTHING lol. But it is in their nature so I do like to monitor them and talk to them (so they think they are not doing anything too bad or harmful). Also, they get it out of their system, so I do not mind occasional screaming/chirping.

No complaints from the neighbors, everyone thinks they are adorable (which they are LOL but besides the point)

I think all birds, in general, will make some noise every so often. Something you kind of need to be okay with.

As far as the working looks like full time?.. I too work full time. But I do make sure to give them time when I am home. They Love love love being talked to, love to play and just be around a social environment.

Although they also enjoy their alone quiet cage time. I think it is something to consider. I personally would rather hang out with my birds than go out. (but that is just me being a bird mom). #Introvert

Birds are a lot to consider. I would think all pets in general need attention.
Never thought I would see myself as a bird mom, but here I am 5 years later and would not change it for the world.

I have learned within the years, and I continue to. They teach me as I teach them. One thing is forsure. It is an incredible bond to have an amazin comapion in a beautiful avian birby(ies).

Good Luck and much love on your choice! 🥰


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Jan 13, 2022
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thanks everyone, gives me a good bit to think about and it's good to know the little conures don't seem to be an issue in an apartment. Does feel like with any pet unless you've got someone at home every day you're gonna struggle with a pet. I would prefer to have just one as 2 feels like it might be a bit overwhelming for me, I can fit a decent sized cage and whenever home I'm okay for having them out and kinda just both doing our thing, be it full on playing and attention or just watching from a distance.

I'll have to have a think to myself over time and see how I feel when it gets closer to spring when places will have birds available

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