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Jul 15, 2022
Galah, Indian ringneck
Hello =) i know here are a lots of topic with this problem, but i want to know your experiences, thank you..
i have a pair of male Galah Lutino 2014 and female Galah natural 2017 .. i bought male about 2 years ago and dont have any information if he had some youngs.. the owner told me that his galah female died on eggs.. and female i also bought 2 years ago, but she didnt have any eggs with previous male galah.. now they are with each other for 2 years, they are always together, they sleep next to each other, they eat together, dont have any evidence of agression between them.. but my female is so fearful, she need to be always with him, everywhere fly male she need to go with him.. when i put some new wood sticks into cage she only lookin on it for days and after days she become aclimatized with it and nibble wood, but it tooks so long time.. i also put into cage two different types of nest for breeding, male was interested about it, but female not.. also female never fly to close area to nest, she only want to be on her place, like she is scare of another places in cages..

what i have to do with them ? i really want to see them happy. what should I do to make the parrots mate?

it is better to try another female to my male? thank you so much.. also sorry for my english, im from czech republic.. thank you so much


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Apr 25, 2020
Hmm. Do something to increase birds’ perception of their environment as a good place to nest/ have babies? Like more protein or fat-rich foods, less noise/stress/disturbance to the pair, etc? Stress to the pair could cause the male to pick on the female more or make her more alert and timid.

I would love to see a photo of the lutino galah cockatoo.

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