Getting my first cockatiel (party of two)


Mar 15, 2022
Bee Bee
I have a 17 month old male beebee parrot and I am looking to adopt a male cockatiel for a flockmate. I know it’s a gamble to as if they will get along… I don’t want to get another of his species, so from my research, cockatiels came recommended to be a safer option than a GCC or lovebird. I’d like a bird that’s social to help him with his fears. Plus, I don’t want my current bird to see me as his mate, which if regurgitation is an indication…. I’m his woman lol. Any thoughts or suggestions on this pairing from all of you amazing birb owners? Thank you in advance! 🙂


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Apr 25, 2020
Beebee parakeets are very cute and seem friendly. I read that they’re the species most related to Quaker Parakeets. Have you been around Quakers? Do you think the beebee parskeet behaves similarly in terms of friendliness, talking, activity?

My guess is that the beebee will be much more outgoing and aggressive than the cockatiel BUT I’ve only met one beebee a few times. my neighbor had one and I clipped nails and wings. He seemed like a great little bird.

I did have a cockatiel for many years and they are more quiet and sweet. I’m guessing your beebee may be very jealous and I am wondering if you can somehow set up the cockatiel’s territory so that the beebee parakeet has to come into the territory second? It would be good to give the cockatiel some advantage as they are so much less aggressive.

I think the two birds probably shouldn’t have contact but should be able to see each other. I would bet the beebee might beat up the cockatiel.

He may be very heartbroken…I don’t know how lonely he is when you’re gone. You ARE his woman and the cockatiel is moving in on you two. You two-timer (two-birder?). I hope this is a good thing eventually.

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