Gizmo and I need help !!!


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Apr 9, 2024
Hi, I recently purchased gizmo just over a month ago she is 3 year old and from background I don’t really know a lot , just her owners did not have time for her and she spent a lot of time in the cage due to work commitments.

I had parrots when I was young but this is my first time as a 32 year old with a family.

I’m really struggling to bond with her , I have tried talking to her and most times I do get something back from her (bird talk) she’s in our front room so sees all of the family who live in the house and is never alone unless night time. We then progress to were she will take treats out of my hand this can be hit and miss with her one day she will be lovely then I just get bit. I have slowly changed her diet as the previous owners just had her on sunflower seed and monkey nuts she still gets these but now a slow amount of pellets and fresh fruit and vegetables.

As for letting her out I don’t think she has ever been let out she flaps all the time in the cage , I have tried opening the door Calmly she comes out in a calm manner but then goes straight to the window.

I’m just looking for help please 🙏 I really love this bird and really want to make this work for the next 20 so on years we have together

Thank you
These birds need time. My parrots Jendays needed 6months to warm up to me. Give your bird a little time to get comfortable. It’s worth the wait but they need trust most of all.💗
THe ringneck family in general are a tough crowd. When they are not handled and interacted with on an almost daily basis, they go quickly back into an almost wild state of tameness. If your guy has been cage bound for years, no doubt this has happened. But take hope, you are going the right things. Just don't force it, proceed at his basis of acceptance, not at the pace of your expectations. Parrot ownership is a marathon, not a sprint. A solid relationship takes time with these guys.

If you want to let him out of the cage, I would suggest a light clip of his wings, just so he can't get any lift. Because you do not want to be chasing him around to get him back into the cage, that is a BIG trust busting action, and parrots are all about trust.

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