Going from soaked seeds to chop and pellets.


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Dec 2, 2021
Females, Lutino Indian Ringneck Missy and Silver Lavender IRN Gracie.
I have an IRN female called Gracie who is approx. 3 months old and she was hand reared by the breeder and placed on soaked seeds after weaning. Apparently all the birds the breeder has (and she has over 300) are on soaked seeds.
I got some soaked seeds from the breeder and would mix that in with chop and reduce it's amount per feed, as I only had a small amount of it. I am now trying to get her off soaked seeds and onto chop, eggs, pellets, fruit etc but am struggling to get her to eat. I offer up peas and corn because I am afraid she isn't eating enough but she gets them alongside chop... in the hopes that some chop will find it's way into her mouth and slowly accustom her to it. Again I am worried she isn't eating enough.
She eats millet and the dry seed mixed in with the pellets. The pellets are new to my girls and I'm not particularly fussed on them either - Hagen Tropimix. The pieces are too big for them, and there is a fair amount of nuts and dried fruit in it. I'd rather save the nuts for training and have non dried fruit in a small controlled portion per day. I am going to try to reduce the pieces size in the mix by pulsing them in a blender.
Can anyone, who maybe has had to face this issue with their feather friend, offer suggestions?

Many thanks x


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