Has your bird ever eaten Vet Wrap?


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Jul 5, 2012
SE Florida and Sullivan County, NY
Cody-Blu, female Blue-Crowned Conure, Hatched - (approx) June 1, 2014, in a South Florida tree.

Pritti (Cherry-Head Conure) -- Fly in Peace my beautiful boy. Forever I'll love you.
I haven't ever used it, but would like to try it. Pritti chews up all kinds of soft / rubbery stuff like that - He wouldn't actually eat it, but is there anything wrong with chewing it up that you know of?

Yep they love to tear it off, if it worries you try jute string put it on with half hitch repeated. Never thought I'd really use the Macromae I learned in high school.
I can't say about the vet wrap, but i have lost a bird to cotton fibers from a towel that covered the cage. It impacted her crop and no one knew what was wrong until she starved to death. Before you beat me up ,i wasn't home at the time, and couldn't fix it over the radio. She was my pet hen of 22 yrs. I know people use it around their birds all the time, but i'd be wary.
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What hasnt my birds tried to eat , lolol.
No , none of my birds have actually eaten any vet wrap .
But they do tear into when they see it like flies to poop :)
Sorry , maybe I should have used bees to honey :rolleyes:
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I'll give it a whirl and keep an eye. I ordering some tonight - if you have a favorite site for it or brand, it would be great to hear about it.

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