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Jul 22, 2015
King Rufus - CAG
Hi everyone,

I have a male CAG who is about 6 months old and about a month ago he started scratching his neck on both sides with his feet and biting the feathers. I have listened to him in his cage and he does it about every 2 hours. I wouldn't say it's excessive. It's the same when he's out and about as well. Here's the thing that has me a little concerned (maybe I'm paranoid). On both sides of his neck, he has bald spots. It's not raw but it looks a little dry. The only feathers that are missing are the little baby, down feathers (sorry if that's not the correct term). He hasn't been pulling any real feathers out.

I talked to my vet and he said it's probably a behavioral thing. He eats a mix of ZuPreem fruit and natural pellets and one serving of vegetables every day. I don;t have a humidifier but I do have a HEPA filter in the room. He perches in the shower once a day.

Any thoughts?


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Aug 21, 2015
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i'm no vet but this could be some kind of skin infection :confused: . Since you said he was scratching not plucking i would say that he could possibly have a skin infection like a rash or possibly lice. Anyway i suggest you go to see an avian vet to see if they can run some tests to get a conclusive result. :D

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