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Aug 3, 2023
I probably did something wrong but I shrug my shoulders and dive in head first.
Bought my son (adult) a Lovebird. Him and his girl named him Mango. He is not the usual peach and green colors. I will take pictures tomorrow. When I went to the pet store there were 5 together. I figured all 5 were from the same clutch. I had a rough time deciding between 2. I finally had to make the decision or the poor guy would still be standing there holding a box. I have had probably one of every kind of bird. I grew up with parakeets.
Anyway I settled on Mango. About 3 weeks later I stopped in to get Mango some sprays of Millet. They had seperated all the Lovebirds. There were 3 left. 2 weeks later I came back to look at toys. Mango was doing really well settling in our family. I already had two parakeets and heard they would not get along. So I had a seperate cage for him. There was only one Lovebird left. I looked at her and said to myself Your kidding me. This lil beauty is a more orange face than the normal peach color. She was sitting on a bottom shelf next to the floor in a black cage and she just looked miserable. I frowned at the guy and said This lil bird is going to die being down here. He replied we don't have time to play with them. I asked if the owner was in. He said No but his wife is. I asked to see her. I told her what the young man said to me. I in turn said seriously she will die with no sunshine and interaction with something or someone. The wife was going to move the cage. I said make me a deal I can't refuse and I will take her home. I said I bought one already from when they were brought in.
I brought her home took her out of the box and when Mango saw her he squeeled she let out a chirp and they have been together ever since.
They wound up having 2 eggs. I they both hatched but one was frail and passed and the second one I kept a close watch on. Binks (my girl) didn't seem real interested in motherhood yet. I think she was enjoying her teen period LOL.
I got up one day to check on the little family and could not find the baby. Binks and Mango were out of the cage being birds. I asked my husband if he had seen the baby. He said no, and told me to look in the bottom of the cage. I thought oh no. I did and sure enough there it was completely pink with no feathers yet. She was cold and I thought for sure she was dead. Being a field Medic in the Army and later EMT that qualified me to do triage LOL Birdie Triage that is.
I held her and she barely moved a toe for me. That was enough I had already bought a cannister of bird formula just in case I would need it. I managed to get drops through the day and into the night. Finally about 10:00pm I was tired and made her up her own little bed and said to her Ok you are in God's hands.
Next morning I woke to hearing these little peeps!
We both survived and I have a lovebird that probably don't know she is a love bird. Named her Olive because she has coloring between Dad and Mom.
Binks had another round of eggs. I now have 4 babies that I started handfeeding when they were 3 weeks old. An egg hatched every other day for the first day, then the third was 3 days later and the last was another three days out. So 2 are ending 3 weeks and the other older two are going to be 5 weeks tomorrow.
Whoever said taking care of baby birds would be easy Then they didn't do it!
4 is a handful. I got hand towels at Dollar tree and then found some flannel soft baby blankets there as well. After trying out the blankets and saw how they loved to be nestled in them I went back and got 6 more. At checkout the lady was ringing me up and looked at me and said thats a few blankets! I said Yes I had 4 of them. I didn't say 4 what and she didn't ask but gave me the OMG you poor thing look.
After I left the store I realized I did not say 4 baby birds. I kind of chuckled to myself and brought home the towels and blankets for the nursery.
I didn't want to name them but now they are getting bigger and are stepping up, and learning basic commands I found it was kind of necessary for them to have a temporary name. I took them all to the beach Monday. I had bought a pet carrier like a back pack. They had the best time in the white sand.
While I don't want to be a breeder I gave Mango and Binks "the talk" and told them if they had the urge only one at a time LOL
Olive was so easy. 4 is a handful. I make time for each of them during the day and even in pairs for playtime.
I saw some of the other posts about biting. Mango and Binks has not bit me. Olive right now is a bit jealous of the babies. Which I don't blame her.
Tonight I went to get the 4 out and a couple of them nipped me. Thats a first. I figured it was feeding time and they all wanted to be first. The tiniest one I put her in her own bin tonight the others are together. I just feel with them being a bit bigger they might overpower her. I will start looking for homes for them over the next 4 weeks. I am hoping I will find people that really WANT a bird not just put in a cage under a shelf.
Thank goodness for this site I really had no one to share my experience with these little ones.
Its been a journey thats for sure!


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Nov 22, 2015
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Welcome and be welcomed. This is a good thread to show folks how much work it really takes to raise a chick to fledging. Good job.


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Jul 22, 2023
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Hello!! Mango,binks and olive! And thank you for your service! Mango sounds like a real handsome fella! And what a big family you have. Welcome to this great forum!

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