Hello from Beautiful BC!!


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Dec 13, 2007
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Seth - 16 y/o Blue Crown Conure

Lily - 3 y/o White Capped Pionus
Hello Everyone!!!

Just thought I'd introduce myself :) My name is Lauren, I am 21 years old and owned by two little Monsters!
Well, a little Sea Green lovebird named Kirby and an Ino Lutino lovie named Skittles! (See, understand now why I am owned :27:)

I was just surfing the web at work.. shhhh.. and thought I would check you guys out! But I also didn't know that I was following Andy!!
*waves to Andy* HIIIIIIIIII

I look forward to meeting and greeting everyone and hope to share some of my crazy lovebird antic stories

Lauren, Kirby and Skittles!!!!

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