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Aug 23, 2020
Saint Petersburg Fl
An Indian Ringneck and a Conure.

My name is Justin. I live in Japan.
I’m usually a large dog breed fan, but the houses here are quite smaller, especially since I live near Tokyo.
I’ve recently been looking into a companion pet so I started doing research, and well, here I am.
I have grown up around birds and the fam has has larger breeds throughout my lineage.
I have worked at a zoos & aquariums with a plethora of birds from Toucans, turkeys, vultures, owls, hawks, & Eagles. While I am new to owning one as a pet personally I’m not totally ignorant to animal behavior. I’m also retired and have nothing but time on my hands to spend with whatever I choose.
I look forward to obtaining and sharing knowledge as I go, and am pretty excited to say the least.
I was shockingly gifted a Pacific Parrotlet out of the blue and now I’m scrambling for husbandry information. So far so good. Tiki Chan is incredibly tame at two months and only a day in her new home. We’ve both already learned so much! Amazing animal, I’ve never experienced a bond this fast in all my years working with them.
I think this forum will provide a plethora of useful information and I can’t wait to dig in!View attachment 46876

My name is Adriana writing from Florida, I love your bird! I have an Indian ring neck green and looking for a partner for him, they call me the bird whisperer hahah. The way I got into birds is not me choosing them they find me, while walking my dog have found a few and well here I am loving when I read how so many of us have discovered the joy birds are. Soon I will share photos .


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Aug 2, 2018
Neptune blue quaker (MIA), Ta-dah GCC female, Penny quaker female, Pikachu quaker female!!, Phoebe quaker female, 3 parakeets males, Burt The Burd GCC female RIP
Sounds like you are fully becoming a parront( parrot parent) !

Diet sounds great, fresh veggies and leafy greens are packed with good stuff.

Parrots are flock creatures, staying with flock mates is programed natural behavior. Lol flocking behavior @ mine can entertain themselves if I'm in sight, or I flock call them. Otherwise they fly with me to powder room breaks.

You can find what works fir you, but it is natural to want to stay near you.

Glad sleep is better, that is important. Keep weighing regularly

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