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Jul 12, 2021
Southern France
Anatole the cockatiel
Nirvana the conure
Syd and Edelweiss the budgies
Hi everyone!

The name's Lafresnaye and I'm new here! I am 21 and happy parront of a cockatiel, a conure and two lovely budgies. I also own two funky lionhead rabbits! I'm French so I apologize if I ever make some mistakes when writing! Always lived in Northeast France, but I moved in Southern France a few years ago to study art and 3D animation! I love storytelling and every medium that allows you to create and make characters alive. I have a lot of projects! Many of them including parrots and birds, honestly...

My cockatiel and my conure will both turn ten years old this year, and they've been by my side since I was 12, they're my feathered confidents and I cherish their company. Sadly, the residence I live in, for my studies, doesn't allow pets, so my mom takes great care of them while I'm at the other side of the country.
Still, I'm looking to move in a new flat, within a few months hopefully, which will allow me to take my birds with me. Meanwhile, I'm still seeing them during vacations and holidays at my mother's! She feeds them, clean their cages, and tries to get them to fly freely in the house as much as she can (still hard for them, they were used to be out of their cage almost all of the time when I was still there haha!)

Let's just say Nirvana, my green-cheeked conure, has had a lot of behavioural problems recently, and this makes things quite difficult for my mother and I to take good care of her. I hope to be able to discuss it and talk about it with other parrot lovers and owners, so my lovely Nirvana can feel as good as possible! :)

Looking forward to meet your own little prot?g?s and have nice discussions about these amazing animals with all of you!

I'll leave you with some photos of my birds! Tiel is Anatole, conure is Nirvana, the green budgie is called Syd and his white lovey dovey is Edelweiss!



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Dec 28, 2014
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Some really cute little ones!
No need to be concerned about your French to English Translation! It’s an extremely smooth flow! At least in the states!


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Aug 21, 2010
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RIP Gandalf and Big Bird, you are missed.
Welcome Lafresnaye and your beautiful flock, thanks for joining! Gorgeous pics and no need worrying about your English. Lovely, flawless introduction!

Please feel free to post your behavioral issues with Nirvana, we have many members intimately familiar with GCCs.


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Jul 14, 2017
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Wow it seems like they get along well. Good for you!

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