Hello! I wanted to know, How do your conures react to colours?


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Aug 30, 2021
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[30/08/2021] A baby green cheeked conure named Eddie!
I'm a new conure owner! I've had my amazing conure named Eddie for just over a week now.

However, within the time we have had him he has grown a liking to this little red straw-type-ball. He often plays around it and loves to throw it around, but I'm unsure whether its fun, or aggressive to him.

We have a few other coloued balls and we wanted to try. There is a brown and purple ball, but he didn't see to pay much attention to either, giving them a little bite and leaving them.

However, the little greeny-yellowy ball TERRIFIES him. He always runs away of flies away when I put it near him. (This only happened once or twice and I have now hidden it to avoid causing him stress.)

I would like to do some research on this, so any suggestions are greatly helpful! Do conures have favourite colours? Does he like the red, due to love or is it aggravation for the colour? What causes him to fear the green/yellow ball, is it just the ball, or other green objects too?

I am aware they see differently to us, so that may be a factor!

Anyways - it was just a cool thing I noticed, I'd like to hear your thoughts! :D

(Image attatched is him with his red ball c:)


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May 8, 2017
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This made me laugh. I grew aware of the affects of colours soon after Syd moved in. I had a bright blue shopping bag with orange ladybirds and he freaked out every time I got it from the cupboard. I had a new housecoat last Winter, it was dark red which I thought would be fine but it took him hours to come near it. One day he went absolutely mad in his cage. Nothing would pacify him until I noticed he kept looking at the floor and lo and behold there was a red picture on the newspaper. A neighbour is usually ignored but if he wears his red fleece and Syd sees him through the window mayhem happens. Equally the postie wears orange and you would think that Syd was being attacked. I usually wear dark colours, if I suddenly appear in anything else, Syd goes very quiet until he is absolutely certain that I am the same person. Oh yes certainly Syd is very colour conscious. I usually leave the offending article far away but still in sight. Eventually everything is accepted as ok.


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Feb 9, 2020
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Albie hates 1 particular shade of blue, it's almost like a biro pen blue but brighter? I ve a t-shirt that colour and he hates it with a passion. I will be bleeding if I wear it around him. He seems fine with any other colour, although he seems to love my neon orange t-shirt as I can't peel him off me when I wear that one.


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Aug 2, 2018
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they are each their own in color choices. Tho an aversion to red can be common as it is like blood abd some react instinctively to it.

I once got a very pretty tye dye shirt in pinks and other colors. It freaked out my Pikachu, to the point of terror. I loved this shirt. So I tried positive Association, with no luck. I tried having it be my sleep shirt put on when home was mostly dark and they were caged for the night. Nope still freaked out. Had to give the darn shirt away.

One burd can't stand when I wear my hair down. If she is out will fly to me and attack me and try and rip hair out. They are special aren't they?

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