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Jan 17, 2008
Hi! I am new here. Just looking for some help with a African Grey 4 yr old that I inherited. His owner passed away and I thought I would help out the family and keep him a few months, I initially thought they would get thru the bereavement and want him back. Well it's been 17 months and they don't want HER! LOL She is cage bound most of the time. I can only pick her up in she happens to get off the cage onto the floor. She has a vocabulary of 250 plus words. Very aggressive around her cage. Any ideas?
Do you plan on keeping her yourself? or Do you want to maybe find a good rescue group? Either way hopefully we will be able to give you help.
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I am going to keep her. I would just like to get her out of and off of the cage more. I have plexiglass around the bottom of her cage. I adopted a baby the same month I received her. The baby has been bitten twice by "Sammy" ! Once was really a bad bite to the finger. The second time there was blood, just not as bad. The previous owner wore huge leather gloves (leather welding gloves) and would take her out of the cage. I let him keep those! She hated them. I am a stay at home mom, so I have time to dedicate to her. She just isn't cooperating. Any advice would be helpful. She has good health, doesn't feather pluck eats seed, pellet and vegetable diet with pasta. So I am thinking if we can get this behavior cage barrier issue solved she will make a wonderful pet.
My first thought on this is to get "Sammy" stick trained and to start handling him away from his cage ... leather gloves shouldn't be needed with a grey ...
She seems very cage aggressive...so when you start any kind of training, it would be best to do it in an area where her cage is not in view.

Yes stick training would be the best idea here...however...easier said than done. I am in a similar situation as you and can definitely relate to how hard it is to get them off of their cage and in a separate area without it being complete chaos and extremely stressful for the bird.

Have you thought of toweling? Maybe it would work to towle her and move her to another room with a perch and do some stick training in there...just a thought.
I agree with Nicole on this one. Try taking her away from the cage and start her training. I know with my Senegal parrot she is cage aggresive with anyone but myself and once she is outside her cage she's a completly different bird.

Nicole agree with you totally on the stick training. Pepsi is terrified of a stick to step up on, she will do anything to not step up on it, even fall over. :rolleyes:

There is a couple od DVD's out called Good Bird. I've seen her stick train birds terrified of sticks with positive reinforcment, its amazing. The only thing that has worked for me and Pepsi.
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You are both very correct. She is a different bird once away from the cage. Just rarely can I get her away. I am always terrified of sending her into a feather plucking "frenzy". I get the squalking, pinning and biting if I even offer a stick for her. If she happens to fly off the cage and drop to the floor (she is scared of the doorat that is by the backdoor, if you touch it she flies off the cage.) Then I just go over and say "up Sam" and she gently steps up on my hand and will ride around on my shoulder will sit on the couch.......It is just so traumatic getting her off that cage. I hate to stress her out.
I understand completly. To get Pepsi off her cage alot of times requires toweling and she is terrified of towels (I can't even wear one on my head after a shower she goes crazy). Remain patient it is a slow process but so rewarding.
Are her wings clipped? I would reccommend having them clipped at least at first. The diet you have her on sounds very good it can sometimes be difficult to get a wary grey to accept new foods so you are doing good there. I would not ever let your baby near enough to the grey to get bitten. No exeptions.
If her wings are clipped and she does not injure herself when she leaps off her cage, I would use that doormat to get her to leave the cage of her own accord. That will be better for your relationship than if you forcibly remove her. Then pick her up and take her into a small room like a bathroom and just spend quiet time with her. Dont attempt to pet or stroke her right away, she is not a dog. When she trusts you enough she might ask you to scratch her head by lowering it and raising the feathers there. Good luck with her.
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Thanks for all the help. I will definitely try some of these things. When it is just Sam and I alone, after I have gotten her away from the cage. She will gently find sunflower seeds hidden on my shoulder or even take them off my lip. She is so gentle never offering to bite. I can scratch her head, but yes at her request only.

As for the almost two year old, he is just so fascinated by her. He always shares his sandwiches, cookies, etc. Against my better judgement! She is funny how she lures him to her cage when he has food. When he was a infant and I brought him home she would say "Let me see your baby!" and I would take him to the cage she would reply "Ah pretty baby" I am not sure if the previous owner taught her that. It was so cute. She can be loving at times.
Sounds like you have made great progress already. Keep up the good work!!!
HI I just got my grey three weeks ago and I am having the same problem,and also he will not eat anything but his seeds.He dose not like reg food he will eat some fruits but dose not like veg-He is fourteen years old and I can,t get him on my finger.
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I have a congo grey that is just the same. Her dearest friend (owner) died of cancer and she was given to me by his wife. She is just the same as you described to the T. You have gotten very good recommendations from the other responses. Wings clipped, get her out of sight of the cage, small space to work with her Every day. The every day is important...it will take time. Good Luck....be patient!

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