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Aug 24, 2016
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I have posted two threads, but that was while I was on vacation. I finally just got home and have some time to post an intro :)

I am onthehunt, and I am currently "onthehunt" for my future parrot! You will find me lots on different boards, analyzing different species and trying to figure out what might suit my lifestyle best. Currently, I am learning towards the Grey Headed Cape, and a Caique.

I am slightly crazy and already have a cage: an antique cage that I restored into a beautiful tiffany blue, and have filled with perches and toys to settle my obsession until a parrot finally sits in it! I put a macaw stuffed animal in it to tie me over :27:

I worked with parrots for around five years, and really love them! If I had my way, I would definitely have a Macaw (B&G!!!) or Cockatoo, but well... I know my lifestyle wouldn't match them as much as I selfishly wish it would.

Other than being on the hunt for my future parrot, I am attending post secondary for an HR career future, and taking care of my GSD/Husky as well as my thoroughbred horse. Don't worry, I have made sure I had enough time to add a parrot to my animal family before even researching species :blue1:

Below are two pictures. One of my cuddly pup, Duke, and the other my thoroughbred, Rego. I don't have any images actually showing him apparently uploaded to my labtop, so his hind end will have to do.


Here's what I love... your energy, your clear love of animals, your experience with parrots, your readiness to research...

I'm glad you're here.

Here's what worries me (and I am huge worry-wart)... is the cage and the refinish paint nontoxic?

Looking forward to hearing more!
Hello and welcome to the forum! Beautiful pictures!
I was just wondering how old the cage is...I know that many years ago, they weren't all made with bird safe metals, so just wanted to mention that:)

Looking forward to hearing what parrot you end up choosing (or which one chooses you!)
Welcome and be welcomed. You put so much effort into that antique cage, why ruin it by putting a parrot into it? Seriously, parrots do a number even on new modern cages, which need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years. They chew the crap out of them and food gets stuck in every single tiny nook and cranny. Even cages that have been powder coated, a finish so hard one can take a hammer to it and it will not chip, eventually need to be replaced because parrot beaks are so sharp and tough.

Ask as many questions about different species as you want here. There is hundreds of years of experience , totaled up, and if they can't answer your question , will gladly point you in the right direction.
Let us know what you decide and keep posting.
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Thanks for the many responses ^^

I can assure you, the cage is 100% parrot safe. I made sure to do extensive research before purchasing, and even more research when it came to painting. I would never risk my future parrot because of ignorance!

That is one thing you will never have to worry about with me ;)

Also, excellent suggestion! I have been debating whether I want to add decorative plants into it, and just get a new cage altogether, or actually put this one that I restored to use.

Whether I do or not, it'll have been worth the hard work! :)
Welcome to the forums, so happy you have joined. You already have some beautiful companions in Duke and Rego, and I love the preparation you have done for a parrot.

Thanks for reassuring us the cage is safe, as we see far too many enthusiastic parronts who unwittingly provide their bird an unsafe home.

Have fun perusing the various species sub-forums and post any questions!!
Nice hind end! The horse isn't bad either. (Sorry, I couldn't resist! That picture was like giving a 10 year old a water balloon on a balcony, someone down below is gonna get wet!)

Welcome welcome to the forums. I have good news and bad news for you though.

The bad news, is that after becoming a bird person, you go from slightly crazy to completely crazy almost instantly.

The good news? Now that you found us, you will be surrounded by other completely crazy people!

On a more serious note, we really are very glad to have you. Never hesitate to ask any questions you may have, no matter how silly they may seem. And if you ever have any issues, don't hesitate to contact any of the Super Moderators.
Welcome home!

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