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Jul 30, 2021
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Hi Everyone! I'm a first time Ekkie /parrot mum :green2: and so, I am so nervous but excited to be on this journey with my baby! Ive got a 4 month old (turning 5 in a week) Ekkie male named Baloo from a pet shop. He's been in cage for the first 5 days (as advised by the shop owner) as he needs to get used to the surroundings and people. I find it rather uncomfortable but 5 days passed in a jiffy! I had so much trouble getting Baloo to eat as he wasnt eating well and just on his seed mix that the shop gave. Ive been boiling corn, sweet potato (he likes that), broccoli, bak choy and having fruits like cherries, banana, apple and pears but he eats very minimal. He had his first flight (with alot of crash banging into the walls and what not) but he is still not tamed or bonded with me yet. Im super stoked to be here in this forum so i can learn tips and do whats best for my baby! I hope to learn as much here and share this journey with you guys!


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Welcome to you and Baloo, thanks for joining! Did the shop owner represent him as fully weaned? Five months old can be borderline depending on individual, and a bit of regression would not be unusual in new home. Cannot overstate the importance of diet for Ekkies - seeds very unhealthy baseline. Please check this informative thread from our Ekkie Forum: http://www.parrotforums.com/eclectus/52737-so-you-think-you-want-eclectus.html

A few techniques to help bond and build trust: http://www.parrotforums.com/general-parrot-information/49144-tips-bonding-building-trust.html

You and Baloo still in the "honeymoon" period of adjustment, work at his pace and reward progress with a tasty treat.

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