Help first time Conure owner, concerned about Sammy’s tail feathers


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Feb 12, 2018
I’ve had Sammy for about a year now, I got him at a breeder and I have a size appropriate cage for a GCC, I feed him the mix of food the breeder reccomends, and spend at least 2 to 3 hours of direct interaction with him with most of the rest of the day in the same room. He has plenty of toys in his cage and up until this point his only problem has been a little bit of biting. He always seems extremely happy, but over the last two days I noticed the base of his tail was getting frayed andbthe feathers were split wider than usual. Yesterday he must’ve not one tailfeatber off and I thought it was nothing but the same thing is happening today. What could this be? Help please

Link to what it looks like:


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Jan 11, 2017
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From the picture it looks like your bird is growing a new tail feather in. Nothing to be worried about. If you do t think that's it please post another more clear picture.

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